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My scanner broke 😦 so whatever is leftover on my hard drive is what I have for catalog Sunday. I hate not having a theme, but catalog sunday must go on!

Hello all of Sew Retro.
Following the heels of my Make and Mend sew-along, I was looking through my pattern stash dying to start a new project. I flipped through a number of my ‘ordinary’ patterns and realized I skipped far too many of them. Then I thought, I know a lot of others do the same thing. An ‘I’ll get to it later’ mentality. Then it came to me!
The sew-along has been going for a few weeks, 
and I’ve completed the mockup of my plain pattern.
In accordance with the sew-along guidelines, I think this one will be the one that i s closest to the pattern. I also want to make a two piece dress from this as one of the altered versions. We will see how that goes. Here are some patterns that I think fall into the category of ‘plain’.
*I actually might do this one for the sew-along too!*
If you are interested in joining, we’d love to have you! There is no specific era, you can even use a modern pattern if in you like 🙂 For further details, and to add your name to the check in, you can do it here.
Have a great day!
This Sunday are scans from Du Barry fashion forecast, May 1941.
This Sunday I have winter fashions from Chicago Mail Order, 1935.

This Sunday I have 30s mail order patter images from Marian Martin.

This Sunday I have a random assortment of underthings.
Happy Sunday everyone.
Thought I’d let you all know that I’m having another giveaway
This time it’s one of my reproduction patterns.
You have until July 12th to enter.
Also, we are having come cathartic discussion in my 
‘What is the most you have paid for a pattern?’ post.
 I invite you all to add if you like.
Have a great afternoon!