Today I redrafted this 1950’s pattern from Eva Dress:

The pattern is a size 14 (32bust) which I am attempting to size up to a size 18 (36 bust). I thought that this would be a very simple pattern to sew, since it says on the pattern cover it is just one piece – it is not – there are facings for the tie, hem and an underarm gusset. I have some (rusty) sewing and drafting experience, but this is way more complicated than expected.

I am making some minor modifications – lengthening the hem to lower on the hip, and also adding length to the tie. I’m doing the 3/4 sleeve – still deciding if I will attempt the underarm gussett , or just skip it. I’ve got some old sheets to test it out on for a muslin, but I have a sinking feeling this may end up as a UFO.

Has anyone made this pattern, and if so, do you have any construction tips?