Our first post for The Newbie & The Knitter is one of the most important, I think. It’s important to pick the best yarn possible for your project. Kristen has written an excellent post about choosing the right yarn for this project over on her blog. I found it very clear and helpful, as well as full of tips and facts I hadn’t known before!

I chose a delectable bamboo yarn for this project in a rich raspberry. I wear this colour a lot, but I don’t yet have a jumper in my handmade wardrobe in this shade. Now is the perfect time! Using Kristen’s steps, I’ll share with you how and why I chose this yarn:


Kristen will be knitting her Cadence jumper in wool, her favourite fibre. While I do enjoy wool hats and gloves, wool jumpers are something I have never been able to wear – too itchy! I wanted as high a natural fibre content as my pocketbook would allow, as I dislike synthetic materials. Bamboo is a renewable resource, which naturally sways my vote as I am spending the next year focusing on sustainable and slow fashion.

I found my yarn at my local yarn outlet shop for 30% off per ball – a bargain! I have used this yarn before for crochet projects and it’s a treat to work with!

Cadence Pullover / (c) Jordana Paige


Cadence calls for an aran (also called worsted) weight yarn. This is a nice, cozy weight which will keep you warm all fall and winter!


Following Kristen’s instructions, I looked at the pattern’s finished measurements and I will be knitting up a medium or 38.5″ bust.

A medium jumper needs 738 yards (675 m) of aran weight yarn. The yarn I chose comes in 95 yard (87 m) balls and I bought 10; 950 yards (870 m). I will have more than enough yarn, as I plan on knitting the pattern as is.

* * * * *

What yarn have you chosen? Are their any particular fibres you love? Feel free to ask Kristen or I any questions you may have! Kristen, as the expert, is a fountain of information!