Recently it feels little like Sew Retro is becomming a clearing house for blogs and I’d like to try and nip this in the bud if we can.

When posting about your project could you please include information on the pattern you used (number, company, year if possible, maybe where you bought it if it’s an interesting story and a picture of it if you can) along with details on the fabric you used, any issues you encountered and what you think of the final project (will you make it again, does it fit properly, will you wear it etc).

Basically, the kind of post you have on your own blog rather than just posting a link to it.  In fact, please feel free to just copy and paste the same thing you have on your blog on Sew Retro (where it concerns the project in question of course) if that will make things quicker for you.

I am happy for everyone to put a link to their blogs somewhere in their posts what I’m not enjoying seeing is a picture followed by a link to a blog and no real details.  Sew Retro has always been intended to be a location where we share information and projects and I know that many people, including me, don’t have the time to click through to each and every blog which means we’re not learning anything except what we see in the picture which seems a real shame.

Toria and I are working a redesign of the blog and posting and advertising guidelines will be clearly posted in the new look as a reminder.

Thanks for your understanding and support and I look forward to reading more about all your projects here on Sew Retro in the future!

Happy sewing!