Remember this skirt? Well, without further ado:
Tada!! I finally got around to making it.
Fabric: Striped cotton poplin from Spotlight, $3.50/metre.
Pattern: Tucked full skirt from Handmade magazine
Year: 1988
Notions: Zipper from op-shop, $0.25
Total cost: ~$7
Changes made: I decided to only do 2 tucks on the front panel instead of 5, although I’m sure it would look nicer with more, as well! It was just that for some reason I imagined that it had a flatter front than the instructions suggested.
Changes I should have made: No major ones! Maybe I would make the waist not as high the next time, but I like the empire style it creates.
I am quite happy with how it turned out in general, and while I am intending on wearing it with tights and boots for the remainder of winter, I am looking forward to wearing it this coming spring. Oh, yes, don’t let the pictures deceive you, it is still pretty cold here in Melbourne! So I will leave you with a more realistic idea of how I will be wearing the skirt in the coming weeks: