I am so glad Wearing History has a graded 1930s style trouser pattern! I whipped this pattern up quite quickly with some black cotton twill I had because sometimes in the summer I have to be on stage(I work in a theatre)…which means all black. Well, of course, if I’m gonna be in all black I’m gonna do it in style! I cut for a size 26″ waist and then graded out for my hips. I think the next time I do this pattern I’m going to do some adjusting in the rise and on the tucks in front…I’m always having trouble with the crotch length since my torso is a little longer then average. I’d also like to add the belt pattern to these pants to give it a nice, clean finished look. I’m hoping to pick up some nice wool in downtown LA this summer so I can make some more of these pants for the fall and winter. 
The blouse I am wearing is a thrifted 1980s (polyester!) does vintage…isn’t the pleated piece in front fun?! And such a great color, I get so many compliments on it. 

Also, if you are interested, I just did a 3 part series on the Squaw/Fiesta Dress over at my blog. Let me know what ya think!