DuBarry 1952B, circa 1937-1938.

Here’s the pattern packet:

And here’s the dress:

Pardon my wilted appearance, it was about a hundred degrees even though I was in the shade and it was dry.

Yes, I wore red heels to an archaeological site. Actually, I nicknamed this dress “Archaeologie” because it’s cutesy-poo enough that parts of it could possibly show up on Anthropologie, but I made it to wear to my brother’s archaeological presentation. Ha ha. Personally, I think it looks a whole lot like the pattern packet, especially considering I’m not built at all like the 1930’s ideal. I added two inches overall to the hips, out of necessity, but other than that, this is sewn exactly as directed. Oddly, by far the hardest part was the lace trim on the split cap sleeves–lots of basting and blind-tacking!

The fabric is Moda Happy Camper quilting cotton, which is supposed to be a modernized 1950’s-flavored series, but I think it works well for this.

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