I am new to vintage sewing, mainly inspired by stumbling upon this blog.
I have always loved everything “old”, especially the 30’s through 50’s, but never thought about wearing the styles, as buying them is out of my budget, and while I’ve sewn quilts, etc. for years, I’d never tried clothing, thinking it was much to difficult for me.
After finding this site though, I began looking for patterns, and scored a bundle of 12 of them at a local farm chicks antique show, and thus began my sewing career.
My first attempt was a 1950’s skirt, with pleats the entire way around the top. It turned out well, but I didn’t like the fabric, so I donated it to my cousin who loved it.
My second skirt I am completely in love with. (Pictured above)
It is from Butterick pattern 7723, 1950s (sorry I cant find a picture of it right now)
I made it from a red and navy blue polka dot(dots are my favorite!) cotton, a thrift store find.
It has darts in the front, and the fit is perfect, the only modifications I made were to add one more dart on each side in the front, and shorten the hem. I added piping to the waist line to dress it up, and because I love piping.
Overall, it was a very easy pattern to make, I love the flattering fit, and I would definitely make it again.
My third project was a summer skirt, drafted from a dress I have that the skirt fits really well on. It turned out great, but I haven’t goten pictures of it yet.
Then, I used a skirt my mom has had for over 20 years to make a pattern for a wrap around skirt. (I can’t figure out how to make the pictures with the text, where I want them, they keep going to the top of the page, sorry)
The skirt turned out well, but i”m not pleased with the waistband, and need to redo it.
After looking online for more patterns to buy, I found the motherlode!
An old McCalls sewing pattern file cabinet filled with 634!!! patterns, from the 40s through the 80s! About 100 of the patterns were my size, the others I will be going through and selling, so if you are looking for something I may have it, let me know!

I do not have a blog yet, but I will post more sewing projects later