i just finished an 80s dress a couple of weeks ago and quite liked it. i got the pattern at a local thrift store for 10 cents.

i was immediately drawn to the tucks on the dress. and oh god the hair LOLOLOL.

the fabric i used was purchased at hancock’s during one of its seasonal cleaning events. 100% cotton and only $1 a yard. i got 3 yards and due to poor planning, only have a very long and narrow strip left (3 yards x 12″ possibly). i’ll figure in the thread used as 2$. gutermann 100% cotton. the project cost me $5.10.

here’s the dress in all its lovely unabashed glory:

yes it is loud. also it does look like bed sheet. but pairing it with neutral tones alleviate some of those qualities.

more on my blog. thank you for reading! 🙂