Ta da, my first contribution to Sew Retro: McCall 5760
(after two days of internet crashes and assorted computer mayhem)
Greetings, fellow sewers!
 The fabric is a very sturdy rubberised cotton twill ‘mac’ fabric and I made a detachable fleece lining to go with it.  I’ve worn the coat a lot over this last winter and it’s impervious to just about anything the clouds can chuck down.
I did make a self-fabric belt but prefer the leather one. I keep meaning to add topstitching to the vent to make it lie a bit flatter (hopefully) but haven’t got back to it yet.
The shoulders are very big, really they needed a much bigger pad than the pattern suggested to keep them from collapsing. Also just now looking at the pattern it is a s.14 for a 32″ bust… I’m more of a 35″ but if the pattern had been s.16 or even an s.18 it would have been miles too big for me. Since starting to use vintage patterns I have noticed they are very generous with ease.  Sometimes a good thing, sometimes not.
I’ll probably make a light-weight soft wool one at some point as I like the shape so much.
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