Here’s a dress I made from a 50s pattern I altered to resemble a mail order pattern that didn’t work out.  My best guess is that the mail order pattern is from the late 1940s.

As I was putting together the American Weekly dress, it became clear that it wasn’t going to work out.  Part of the problem may have been my alterations, but I think there was also something off about the pattern itself.

I tossed the wadder, but was reluctant to give up on the design.  So I took out a pattern that I had worked with successfully before:  Butterick 6149, from 1954, and changed some of the details to resemble the American Weekly design.   It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be: probably easier than starting from scratch with a pattern I’ve never used before.   My final result is below.  More photos are here, and I wrote a little more about making the dress here.  Thanks for looking!