I haven’t posted on Sew Retro for ages! I’ve sewn plenty of things in a ‘retro stylee’, but I haven’t dipped into my vintage pattern box for a while. So I got quite excited by this pattern from my stash thinking it would be perfect for my jive party frock in the Retro inspired Christmas fabric from Sherri Berry (12 Joys Of Christmas / Records / Mint).
Disaster – all the frock vintage pattern pieces were missing! I could have made the cape, but that wouldn’t have covered much and baby it’s cold outside…
…So I used trusty New Look 6375  and I can put this frock together with my eyes closed as I’ve made 6 so far from this pattern.
The frock did only take a day to put together (although I pre-washed the fabric the day before) as it’s such a simple pattern, I think I could have pressed the seams a little better before I went out mind you!
More info here folks – Happy Holidays to one and all!