Hello ladies!  This is my first post, after belonging to the site for years.  I recently sewed a couple of Vintage Vogue 1137, it’s a very popular pattern, and has great lines – the neck is very graceful, and if you happen to be a short-waisted, sway-backed, sloped-shoulder femme it should fit you nicely with little alterations!  Alas, the ‘vintage-ness’ didn’t really translate to the end result.  I used a very modern fabric, something my sister nailed as “Banana-Republic-ish,” and didn’t have time to make a belt before I took off on my “escaping the broken heart” world tour. 

However, these dresses worked hard and well!  I’ve never got more compliments on anything I’ve made, and they took me from editorial meetings in NYC, late nights in Mexico City and  brisk games of boule in Newport, RI.

I recently restarted my blog and I’ll be posting more vintage inspired garments there.