After years of lurking I have finally come aboard. I loved and admired many of the wonderful creations I’ve seen, but I did not think of myself as a vintage aficionada. But what can one do?

Being able to sew, I did not despair when the shops started stocking clothes that my grandmother would have identified as nightwear. But then the pattern companies followed suit – what could I do?

Not for me and my bony neck the plunging necklines, not for me and my middle aged little bulges the clingy knit dresses. I want to be dressed, not undressed when I leave the house.

So there I am. Unfortunately my cylindrical, waistless body does not look it’s best in the oh so glamorous fashion of the 50ies, so 60ies a-line dresses it is then.

Or a-line skirts for that matter. I whooped internally when I found this gem on etsy (the shop is closed at the moment).

I made it up, albeit in a bicyle friendly fashion – i.e. short.

I’m a bit ashamed to say that my blog has a sad tendency to drop into coma, but I’ll be happy to share my little creations with you from now on. And there is more on my “inaugural” skirt.