I’ve been going through my mother-in-law’s things and have found some real treasures. Some of the things include clothing that she made, sewing machine & serger, knitting books and afghans that she knitted, a vintage hat, vintage sewing books and vintage evening gloves. Today I will share with you the gloves. I will share the other things with you in future posts. She was an elegant lady with impeccable manners who had a taste for the finer things in life. She started out as a country girl from Sweet home, Oregon. She was a majorette in high school. At the young age of 17 she joined the Navy as an airline stewardess. She won many awards. She traveled the world, going to France, Italy, the Portugal Islands where she met her husband, to name a few. They lived in England for a while. She was an accomplished woman. Her biggest accomplishment was rearing four boys.

I have three pairs of gloves to show you.
The first is a pair of white leather evening gloves From Real Kid, made in France, for Strawbridge & Clothier. I didn’t take a photo of the Real Kid label. It was on the inside of the other glove, and I didn’t realize it was there until after I had loaded these in my post. Sorry about that.
Next we have black leather evening gloves by Christian Dior.
And lastly a pair of black sueded nylon evening gloves with Dent’s Nyvelda on the label, made in England.
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