Hello all.

Ive been looking around this blog for a while and thought Id see if I could contribute. My name is Shelley and I started sewing about 6 years ago. My mother was a professional seamstress, and after she passed 5 years ago, and I inherited all her equipment, I seriously began looking into vintage patterns.

Im not a size 4, so I wanted to know what was available in my size as far as vintage clothing. Not much. So I began taking patterns and grading them up, with very limited success. The more I did it, and the more people helped me, the better I became. Practice does make perfect.

Although I have no professional training, I did intern for some years at Stitch Lounge in San Francisco. There I taught lessons and beginner classes. I also did a short stint of teaching at Sew-LA in Los Angeles. Great place.

Im also no stranger to the tubal-interwebs. Im a moderator on one of the largest vintage forums, I have my own site where Ive been showcasing my plus sized vintage creations for years, and I recently started a blog to accent the site and my etsy store.

Even thought Ive done all of this, Im really a 2D animator and illustrator by trade.


Thats a lot of stuff.
Thanks all, and I look forward to contributing!