Hello, sewing friends! My name is Gertie and this is my first post here. A couple months ago, I started a long-term blog project in which my goal is to sew my way through a vintage sewing book called Vogue’s New Book for Better Sewing (aka VoNBBS). This involves tracking down fourteen patterns from 1952, and following the book’s methods to the letter (tailor’s tacks, anyone?). You can see my site and read more about the project here. Also, check out this link to see all fourteen fabulous fashions in VoNBBS.

So far, I’ve completed four out of the fourteen main projects in VoNBBS. As my introduction to you fabulous retro sewing fanatics, I thought I would share them with you, alongside the original photos from VoNBBS.

I started with “the feminine, portrait neckline blouse.”

I liked it so much I made it again in pink.

Then there was the “slim, supple skirt.”

I did a re-do with modern methods.

Next, I moved backwards to the first project in the book, “the chemise dress.”

And moved right along to “the full, gathered skirt.”

Whew! It’s been an amazing ride so far. Please come visit me at Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing to follow me as I go along.

I have a couple special tutorials planned so you can make your own versions of two of these projects – no patterns required!