Tomorrow is Australia Day. It’s a day that’s immensely confusing for a lot of Australians (do we celebrate the arrival of the Europeans, do we mourn the horrors wrought upon the indigenous population thereafter, both, or neither?) that we just drink beer to quiet the addlepation.

Thus: the Middy Dress. It ain’t a mini, it ain’t a maxi, it’s a Middy. Those attuned to slang terms for beer glasses in this country will think this pun enormously clever. Those who don’t can find a crash course towards the bottom of this Wikipedia entry.

YES, those are beer posters and labels. Picked up the fabric in Queensland during Spotlight’s sale. I tell ya, fabric shopping in regional QLD is awesome because there are no urban hipsters to compete with you for the retro/ironic patterns. They were all buying pink polyester Disney fabric leaving treasures such as this one ignored on the sale rack. Designs that sold out in a jiffy in Melbourne were all there, languishing. So a considerable number came home with me.

Pattern is a 70s sundress – McCalls 4535, as
simple and straightforward as they come.

Incidentally, my Ma’s response when I told her about my plans for this one said “Oh, why do you make such awful things?”

The answer, of course, is that I make them because you can’t buy them.

Happy Oz Day, folks, however you feel about it.